A Smash-Ballin’ Preview

-Post by: Jose Gallardo

I have some good news, and some… Super Good news.

sbfirefoxGood news is, I’ve come up with some new texture hacks, specifically Item hacking. I don’t know why, but I prefer to make custom textures for items than anything else. I’ve been playing Pokemon Card BG2 – The sequel to the Pokemon Trading Card game for Game Boy Color, and it inspired me to make the following. The Firefox, however, was a random idea. …or maybe its because I’m quite annoyed with Firefox for crashing on WordPress from time to time… Whatever the circumstance may be, the figment of my imagination is now tangible, and can now be dealt with accordingly… with a brawl!

I’ll have most of the energy card Smashies done soon. I’m not very familiar with all the new energy cards, so if i miss a couple when I release all of them, let me know which ones. I’m more of a fan of the old Pokemon TCG.

And for the super good news:

There is a new app on Smashboards that I found VERY useful for editing Item PAC files. Well, its a month old actually, and its been quickly progressing. Its the “Smashbox Data Viewer”. I recommend you get a head start with the app if you don’t already use it. I will be making another guide on how to easily edit a common3.pac file with Smashbox. This thing will really revolutionizes the way you customize your Item’s file. My method with custom item textures from now on will be to just provide and edited image file in PNG format. With Smashbox, you can just open up the common3.pac, look for the directory of the item you are trying to edit (ex: Smash Ball), replace the image/texture files with the ones I provide, save the PAC file, and just place the edited PAC in the SD. So yeah, I came up with this idea when I first explored using Smashbox. No more having item files packed for you! Soon everyone [mostly] will be able to use different custom items without the hassle of hexing or using the CMD.

11 responses to “A Smash-Ballin’ Preview”

  1. I forgot to mention that I have made it possible for the original outer glow on the smash ball to keep glowing, as opposed to the older method of making SmashBall textures, where the glow would just freeze. All possible with the Smashbox.

  2. Hello there again…I was wondering if I could give your “team” of hackers an idea for a texture. I’ve searched everywhere and so have other people. Believe it or not, there isn’t a fighter kirby texture. You know kirby’s red headband. This would be great to go with the fighter kirby PSA I have. But it’s just a suggestion.

  3. Thats awesome bro i heart firefox i hate that bug who would we have to contact about it and have you tried another layout? my wordpress acted up until i simplified my layout a bit wish they would address that i had nintendobros as my homepage but it kept crashing randomly so now its just as a bookmark 😦

    I am having a great time with the new texture edits Meouth is freekin awesome looking 🙂

  4. I haven’t been able to edit common3’s with smashbox because it doesn’t recompress them correctly, it increases the file size by 2kb and freezes the gme upon startup =p

  5. And Shadowfan, I made one for UMOP a long while back…..go check KC:MM forums if they’re up again. And besides, you can use the kirby texture if you swallow up snake as regular kirby, but he lost that ability as fighter kirby, and UMOP’s trying to figure out how to give him the hat w/out having to swallow snake.

    Sorry bout the double post

  6. I also had trouble with the Smashbox with items at first, but I found the solution by getting a brand new unedited common3_en.pac, rename that to common3.pac, and just use Smashbox from there. Also, you may have to modify the PNG images a bit before transferring them to the PAC file, such as indexing and number of colors. And maybe change the palette size during replacement to avoid changing the size of the PAC file.

  7. I’ve had Smashbox for a while and I love it. I still prefer ASH for characters and stages (because it is faster at exporting and importing mass quantities of textures), but I use Smashbox for items, CSS, and a lot of others with weird compression. I like the BRSTM playback in the newest Smashbox 😀

  8. That’s what I mean, a texture of kirby’s headband without having to swallow. and he should be unable to lose the headband. That way it can match my fighter kirby PSA.

  9. Sorry for double post but I just thought of something. What about other colored beam swords? A black one, red,green,purple,yellow,orange and even rainbow!

  10. Epic fail at Shadowfan, I made it.

  11. And where can I find them wegee?

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