Hammer Time! Mario’s new move!

-Post By: Smashbro619

i’m back! and I learned a few new tricks of the trade… Model Swapping and stuff like that! Anyway, its my pleasure to introduce Mario’s new Attack move… Hammer! (It replaces his Side B Special, Cape!)

It’s Hammer Time!

SMAAAAAAAASH! ~ “Earthbound Reference”

Memories of Paper Mario 64…

ZOMG! Spoiler to my next model hack!!!

Here’s what i did:

I modified Mario’s Cape so it has the model and Texture of Kirby’s Hammer and used the attack animation of the Swing for the Home-Run Bat. It’s a short ranged attack with a slightly faster charge than HR Bat.



Enjoy using Mario’s new Hammer!

[UPDATE] I retextured Mario’s Hammer to look more like Mario’s Hammer and not Kirby’s… so check this out! I also enlarged the hitbox a little as well!

Its more Mario RPG styled

“A wooden Hammer with the Hammer Bros. insignia on it” ~ Toad from Super Mario RPG

Beware of Mario’s Hammer!

Epic Mario Vs. DK shot!

Download this new Hammer if you like!


14 responses to “Hammer Time! Mario’s new move!”

  1. Suh-weet!

  2. Good Job… I can’t wait until the next version of BrawlBox comes out! CUSTOM ANIMATIONS!!!!!

  3. I was thinking about making that haha because he uses a hammer more then a cape XP

  4. It’s really cool!
    but i noticed something, his fireball goes backward and in the air it goes nowhere, just disappear, i didn’t see anything else, except for the move being quite laggy D:

  5. It just needs to be black for the perfect mario hammer. actually it needs mario’s hammer animation to look like him swinging the hammer.

  6. @darkredscorpio –
    i wanted the hammer to be more Mario RPG/Paper Mario styled… thats why i gave the hammer the Home-Run Bat animation and the texture to be more wooden.
    if you seen how Mario uses his hammer in Paper Mario you’ll understand.

  7. Where’s LoA? he used to update twice a day..? But this is also cool! *downloaded*

  8. Thats sweet dude awesome work it looks like the DK mario really cool bro!

  9. You could use animation swapping to replace his cape swing animation with the Ice climber’s Side smash animation, that’d be pretty close to the original. I don’t know how bad the bones would distort though

  10. Could someone please make this side b the side b move of jose gollardo’s version of phoenix mario 1.2?

  11. I’m new to this scene, how do I use this in brawl? (Preferably using my USB Drive)

  12. I sadly don’t know about USB drives. Ask Jose. He’s almighty. ^_^

  13. I really enjoy seeing custom attacks and the model hacking stuff. But something about this Hammer bugs me…maybe I just didn’t play Super Mario RPG as much as the Paper Mario Series.

    Oh,and if you are going to change the animation when the next BrawlBox is out (instead of bat his real hammer hit animation) I am going on a rampage of ultimate happiness.

  14. now pako’s hammer bros suit mario has purpose

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