Chocobo enters the Brawl???

Straight from Final Fantasy Fables series, Chocobo joins the Brawl


(ok maybe it doesnt look quite like Chocobo, but it was a close shot!)

al_090810_0123(1)Chocobo Kick!!!

al_090810_0124Chocobo’s packing some heat this time!

al_090810_0125Chocobo found the Smash Ball!

al_090810_0127What’s Cookin’ Chocobo?

al_090810_0127(1)mmmmmm…. Chicken soup ala Falco!

Here’s the link to the best character in the Final Fantasy series

Enjoy, kupo!

(had to add the kupo part… gotta love Moogle too)

10 responses to “Chocobo enters the Brawl???”

  1. Nice work, but why was a Chocobo Kirby Falco Hat made before a Chocobo Falco? ;_;

  2. I find the words “Chocobo Falco” so funny. Nice one SB-9 (smashbro619). I will update the Roster and the Brstm list later today (as well as adding you to IM).

  3. LOl nice

  4. LOL nice work,i now it dosnt look that much like him but it works. ; )

  5. hehe nice work marvin.

  6. yea nice work xD

  7. @piggyjelly – marvin didnt make this… i did!

    why does everyone think my creations are someone elses?
    first was the Grasslands and now this… sheesh!

  8. lol ive never seen a chocobo before… but this is funny xD

  9. @smashbro619:i knew it was yours,it even says on top
    Posted on August 9, 2009 by smashbro619

  10. LOl marvin make more! plzzz

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