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Ocarina for Homebrew V.9

Want a working version of Ocarina for the new v9 update? Read on!

It is very sad to see people talking about Ocarina in a very Negative way. Sure, its unsupported from hereon, but Ocarina did provide us with those great hacking moments before Gecko OS was made a code hacking standard. Also, to those who haven’t yet noticed, neither WiiRD or Gecko OS for that matter handle Twilight Princess Codes properly. Gecko OS isn’t as good as it is portrayed to be, and while Ocarina is in fact implemented in Gecko OS, for some strange reason the Ocarina in there doesn’t work like the stand-alone version did. I use WiiRD/Gecko OS for most of my code-handling, but for Twilight Princess, I MUST use Ocarina. Its better to be safe than sorry, so I am posting a working version of Ocarina for the v9 update. You can thank me later!