Console Wars – What to/not to Expect

“The console wars ravage on ’til even today, and there are no signs that it will end anytime soon. But what does the future hold for these fighting vets? Well, here are some personal opinions on what to expect, and what not.”

First off, lets talk about the the popular Xbox 360. Is it really as popular as the commercial media portrays? All I know for sure is that the 360 sports wonderful online capabilities and excellent graphics. Not too shabby for Microsoft. This just might be what gamers would call “next-gen”, but unfortunately, the Xbox 360 doesn’t provide that unique intuitive feel expected for this new millennium. The Xbox 360 only provides updated graphics and performance that any video game company, such as Sony or Nintendo, can pretty much deal with. Hopefully Microsoft feels the need to “step-it-up” and come up with something a little more unique. Just recently, I have seen motion-based peripherals for PC gaming, and surprisingly enough, one of those devices looks alot like the Wii Remote. With Microsofts’ competing power, we can expect something “Wii-like” in the future. But don’t expect any other updates. The console is as good as it gets (performance wise), so why upgrade?

Next comes the PS3. Nothing much to talk about, really, except that it boasts great graphics, and same ‘ol playing style that’s been going on for years. Sure, the PS3 has good online games, but it doesn’t necessarily focus on that category. The PS3, like the first edition of the PS2, is a large bundle itself, and could use some Wii Fit to lose some of that weight. The only thing I can think of would be a larger selection of Party games for the PS3 in order for it to appeal to a larger, more friendlier environment. I mean, seriously. I guy was shot at trying to get one of the first PS3s on release date. The PS3 is in fact, the Sexiest console around, but looks can be deceiving, starting with its price (too high to even mention here). Sony doesn’t seem to be interested in bringing intuitive gameplay in the near future, so don’t expect anything that may be called “next-gen”. Hopefully the PS3 will shift its weight from Sexy to Hot, so lets expect the console to be a little lighter in the future. Since it is expensive to a majority of people, Sony may decide to lose the Blue-Ray and reach a more average audience. Does anyone have $450 I can borrow?

Finally comes the Wii. As the number one video game Global sensation, one would think the Wii doesn’t need much of an upgrade. But like everything, it isn’t perfect. Nintendo obviously ditched the DVD ROM Drive in order to make the Wii more affordable. Good call. Besides, everyone who has a TV probably has a DVD player already. The Nintendo Wii also provides an intuitive new way of playing video games, all while preserving classic gameplay. With tons of accessories, and more games than you can shake your Wii-remote at, it couldn’t get any better than this. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), it can. Although we won’t be expecting a more intuitive video game console anytime soon, there is lots of room for improvement in the graphics department. Some great games, like Mario Kart Wii, lose all their gold when you realize you are playing on a Gamecube engine, or possibly even an older one. I honestly can’t believe the character’s appearance in this game. Nevertheless, Mario Kart Wii is grand and fun. All in all, we can expect some serious improvement with the Wii’s graphics, and from what I’ve heard/seen/read, the Wii might have its very own DVD drive sometime in the late future. Oh, and Nintendo, please send me a robust online system for Christmas. The one currently used for Wi-fi is not as good as it could get. Besides, I’ve been a very good boy…

P.S. We can also expect Wii owners to be more fit by the year 2012… Just kidding!

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