Super Mario Galaxy

“A Mario Adventure of Cosmic Proportions!”

Mario’s latest adventure on the Nintendo Wii is nothing short of awesome. Featuring awe-inspiring visuals, a superb OST, excellent camera controls, and a simple (yet varied) control scheme, Super Mario Galaxy is a “must-have” for any Wii owner and Mario fans alike. Luigi followers will also have a surprise waiting for them if they are dedicated enough. But the Red Plumber’s new game is much more than a Beautiful trip to wonderland (or space). Mario’s new adventure takes him to countless Galaxies, each featuring their own dangers and hazards. As Mario progresses throughout the game, more planets and Galaxies will be discovered. An interesting new feature is Mario’s ability to “spin-attack” with the help of a friendly Luma. A whole new cast of characters is also introduced (including the Lumas), and memorable characters are also thrown in to re-create the Mario experience. Koopas and Goombas will still stand in your way, and as you may have already guessed, Bowser is the one reigning havoc once more. New Bosses will be waiting for you on each Galaxy, and even Bowser Jr will be sent out every now and then to do his Dad’s dirty work. Although the story revolves around Princess Peach’s kidnapping, Mario must now save the universe as well. With the help of a very dainty new character, Rosalina, Mario is given the power to travel through space and put an end to Bowser’s evil plot. Expect lots of goosebumps from this emotionally motivated adventure as you fight your way through countless villains, obstacles, and more.

*This game also supports a 2 player co-op mode, but nothing out of the extraordinary

Graphics: 10

Gameplay: 9

Music: 10

Replayability: 8

Final Verdict: 9.5

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