Nintendo Power Coverage – V.232

This issue promises to fill you up with much needed info on “soon-to-be” releases. Check out our brief coverage below and see whether you would like to pick up this issue at your local retailer. Remember, you can always subscribe to Nintendo Power for big savings!

Sonic Unsheathed:

“The Star of November’s Sonic Unleashed pulls double duty with next year’s Sonic and the Black Knight on Wii.”

Return of the Living Dead:

“Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop brings the top Zombie game to Wii in a big way.”

Bustin’ Loose:

“NP plays Ghostbusters: the Video Game on Wii and DS, and chat with Dan Aykroyd!”

It’s Good to Be the King:

“Shape the world as you see fit in Little King’s Story, a cute new gem for Wii.”

Out of the Park:

“NP steps up to plate in Mario Super Sluggers, the plumber’s latest sports game for Wii.”

Fungus Among Us:

“NP goes hands-on-‘shrooms with both the Wii and DS installments of Mushroom Men, the year’s most offbeat new action games.

Other Interesting Bits of This Latest Issue

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