Mario Sluggers – “No wi-fi?”

Most of us already know about the Wii’s rendition of Mario Baseball, Mario Super Sluggers. But has this game been made to suit everyone’s expectations? Nope, not really. Although Mario Sluggers is sure to be a good game while it lasts, there won’t be any “baseballing” through Nintendo’s wi-fi connection. The only means of multiplayer fun will rely on having friends or family come over for a game or two. After Mario Strikers proved to be a decent game with its wi-fi, why wasn’t Super Sluggers a candidate? This leaves much questioning on Nintendo’s part. As we anxiously wait for the Mario Super Sluggers release, let’s hope the adventure is worth the trouble.

One response to “Mario Sluggers – “No wi-fi?””

  1. leffffffffttttttttttty lol i cant take the piss coz im a lefty too(:

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