[Brawl Hacks] Changing Mario’s Texture

Looks like those guys at Ghostneo.net are going to get a little competition with Brawl textures. I was able to change one of Mario’s Outfits/textures using an App and .bin texture file provided by Phantom Wings (a great hacker). See for yourselfs below and let us know what you think!
*No more information on how the texture changing works can be provided at the moment, as the whole file uploading and texture editing process is still not complete.

About Jose Gallardo

Dragon Quest Fan. Love Blogging and modding video games. I find Psychology and the universe very interesting. I like books, games, and learning new languages. I dream to travel the world and possibly settle in Japan.

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  1. ok so if its a tex hack where did you get the files and can you put them on an SD card cause i had the files then i deleted them on accident… help me out a little! even if you can send me them in an email or a site link

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