]Syntax Error[ – Nintendo Threatens With Lawsuit

How truly disappointing. Really, who ever thought the Big N would be so “money-hungry” as to threaten Fan Artists for their work? If anything, this should have made Fanboys glee for joy, and thus pursue Nintendo for more amazing games. Sadly, Nintendo of America is blinded by power, that it seems this giant no longer listens to its fans. The ]Syntax Error[ website and Youtube account (SuperTexture0) are officially shut-down because Nintendo threatened the hard-working ]EE[ team with a Lawsuit if they didn’t bring their work down, meaning (not) releasing it to the public or even if they continued the Project. Ever wondered how a Mario or Luigi (or any of your favorite Nintendo Characters for that matter) would look like if they ever raised the middle finger at you? Well, this is exactly what it is. Nintendo has branded the “F*** You” insult on the foreheads of every Smash & Nintendo fan alike. For a full-fledged article on what has happened, and the ongoing legacy that is]Syntax Error[ , visit the Stack Smash website for more info, or Click Here and I will take you to the controversial article right away. Thanks to ]EE[ for their hard work, even if the actual Patch will never see the light of day. You guys truly made history in the epicness that is (or was) Nintendo. Here is hoping we can meet again!


*This is all according to sources. No official news on Nintendo’s part.

28 responses to “]Syntax Error[ – Nintendo Threatens With Lawsuit”

  1. Well, this is dumb.
    If we ever needed proof that Nintendo gives less than a shit about ARTISTS who were making the game more popular…

    here it is. Big corporate Nintendo spitting down at us. Gee, thanks guys.

  2. Damn…..Nintendo is being too harsh, look at bungie! When someone hacks their fileshare or forge they dont sue!

  3. *sigh* wats going to happen from now on…….

  4. you don’t know any of this to be a fact,these are all just speculations
    for all we know this could be a big joke
    im just saying we should wait till Christmas to start assuming things
    …and even if it was Nintendo,its their game and they can make any decisions regarding it that they want,remember that we wouldn’t even have smash bros.(or this site for that matter) if it weren’t for them

  5. yea this is a whole load of bull $#!% nintendo may stop them but there is still the rest of us im willing to kick it up a notch i already got the guide before the site was shut down so there is still hope. and nintendo you are a wortless sack of $#!% ]EE[ made your game better then it was so lets take a look shall we? Hacks relesed no iso being givin making people buy more copies of brawl. on a scale of 1 to 10 for nintendo this was a 10. then the next day they shut down EE’s website. on a scale of 1 to 10 for nintendo that was a negitive 5. But the sad thing is nintendo thinks they just got a 10 with that one and you no what nin10do i will be visiting nintendo of america this summer and the building will be destroyed in all manners 20 adolescents can do.Have a nice day nintendo!

  6. the smasher: What? Don’t be bitter. Nintendo have been screwing homebrewers over for ages. This is no different to that, it just takes a slightly different form. Nintendo are clamping down on piracy, and (no offence to any texture hacking teams) these hacks kinda advocate piracy. R4s, homebrew, texture hackers – we’re all affected by Nintendo’s action. And after all, it boils down to Nintendo enforcing the law.

    “hacks relesed no iso being givin making people buy more copies of brawl” – Firstly that didn’t make much sense, but as I can figure it out you’re saying that the texture hacks would make people buy more copies of brawl? Firstly, to care about it, you need to have brawl. And even then, you need an ISO, and you’re not going to buy a ┬ú40 game just to burn an ISO, are you?

    “will be visiting nintendo of america this summer and the building will be destroyed in all manners 20 adolescents can do.” – Empty threats like this one make you seem like a nooby 14 year old. And while I /am/ a 14 year old, I take care not to appear nooby.

    /giant comment

  7. I followed ]EE[ from the very beginning, and it’s disappointing to see them leave with thier patch unreleased. I hope we do get to see them again one day, even if we have to sneak under Nintendo’s nose to do it.

  8. @TerminX: Agreed. I hope that a huge texture hacking community springs out of the efforts of the texture hacking teams.

  9. My reply is too long to list as a simple comment, I will leave a link to my lengthy respones as this is overblown, both on reporting about it and Nintendo’s actions.


  10. @cesque

    you should shut your mouth you worthless piece of nintendo kiss-up scum

  11. wait, hold a thought, team twiizers havent got a lawsuit? they created the homebrew channel, so WTF? why would they go for something this small or with no proof,as SWORD2 said, this is a joke; there is no way nintendo would be bad as that over some colour changing.
    When is the patch going to be realeased ]EE[? or is this a joke too?
    i aint impressed, there just gaining popularitity now, this aint fair, better get realeased this christmas..another thought, maybe they are releasing it as christmas….

  12. I have to agree with the statements that Cesque laid out.

    I know it’s sad to see these guys get shut down but they must have known what they were doing was essentially against Nintendo’s policies, and they have good reasons for enforcing it. They don’t want to encourage piracy, and alterations… especially ones harmful to potentially wrecking a product someone has bought. Imagine someone who has barely any hacking experience tries to get these mods to work on their system, and inevitably end up damaging the game/system in someway. I think that’s something Nintendo would like to discourage. When they go and make themselves stand out enough that they catch Nintendo’s attention then it’s probably a big enough blip that a certain amount of gamers (as Shriner mentions they are just gaining popularity) are also aware of it and attempt to try these things.

    At the end of the day this comes down to law and policies though. Nintendo laid them out, someone broke them. I’m sure they knew what they were getting into when they started tampering with the game. Then when they get caught, they cry that Nintendo is stifling their creativity, that they don’t care about their fans, that Nintendo doesn’t appreciate artists, knowing that if they are going down they can at least tarnish and try and make Nintendo look bad for simply enforcing what they lay out in all their game manuals.

    It’s sad someone gets sued, but I honestly can’t feel sorry for people who got themselves into the mess. In the end I guess we wait and see what actions Nintendo chooses to take.

  13. *cough* LoL Nintendo… Why did they threaten the hack? If ANYONE wants to play with it, they have to by a copy of the game, so… it’s actually pretty stupid (It is, even without that reason xD)

  14. If people are hacking games right now with emulators on thier computers and using Action Replay and Game Shark (WHICH CAN affect your game in bad ways) why can’t we use something that’s harmless AND makes the game better?

  15. i also agree with cesque, not cus we’re best friends, but the fact that its not anyones fault that nintendo shut it down, its just the law, if nintendo hadn’t found out about this then the site would have stayed in, but nintendo follow the law. i did look forward to the hacks, like tall midna and meta vader, but i think brawls just as fun without codes, and smasher, you may be angry with nintendo now, but you won’t be when they bring out the next smash bros. and to be truthful, why do chavs like nintendo *cough*thesmasher*cough*. anyways, happy new year and have a completley smash broin year, or maybe you casuals will be playing animal crossing lets go to the city.

    lets get completley and utterly paninied.

  16. (Claps)Wow very touching hiphop. In all truthfulness there may not be a next smash brothers face it nintendos running out of ideas either they need alot of new game series or super smash brothers will become nearly a full 3rd party game by the time the next one comes out. Look at it like this,ROB got in and only a nintendo fan from nearly the begining would know who he is.Another reason, People have requested that n64 games be remade for the wii such as OOT and majoras mask. People obviosly dont want new series they want old games with new graphics and gameplay. Really who will they add to the nxt one they were so desperate for chacters in this game they put in sonic and snake now there cool chacters…In their series. Really nintendos gotta learn that since they dont put in every request to their next game thats gonna make people mad so they will hack they game when they find a way its not something that can be prevented or stopped so the people at nintendo corp should go get a life

  17. To clarify how copyright law works – if Nintendo did *not* sue or take legal action regarding this, they are effectively stating that anybody can use any of the copyrighted Nintendo characters. This would mean, hypothetically, that Sony could release Mario vs Crash Bandicoot or something, as the Mario copyright would not have been pursued in this instance.

    I really doubt its because they hate artists or the community or whatever. At the end of the day, its a business, and that is why Nintendo is currently leading the PS3 and 360 in terms of profit. Really, if you make yourself visible when you already realise that you are breaking copyright rules, you should expect contact from some legal department.

  18. it was underground and a net site what does nintendo scan the internet for this stuff? an besides all of my friends have called almost every nintendo represenitive and aperntly they have all said…WE no nothing about this this is the first im hearing of it
    you know what ]EE[ if your reading this then you should probobly know half ur fans have turned on ya cuz u probobly were never gona relese it in the first place. and a mario vs crash game would completly stink like a skunk

  19. ….ok? Brawl’s bad and nintendo is intent on not letting anyone fix it. guess it’s time to give up on nintendo

  20. Stack Smash explained now how Team Twilight (another texture hacking site) was shut down.
    It was because the host of their server was afraid that they would get a C&D Letter and not because they actually got one. They said that the same thing also happened to EE so Nintendo never was behind that all.

  21. This is complete and total crap…Syntax Error was great! and seeing as most of us are too technologically noobishly challenged to even attempt the things they got done, i was looking forward to their simple tutorials and modding guides, along with their original sets of recreated characters. But seriously this isn’t just another: “Oh nintendo threatened a great group of artists, and they suck.” kindof a thing… we should, as fans and customers of all nintendo games, stop buying nintendo’s games with the threat of either including something like this in some patch for brawl that they feel better, and safer about, and apologize to the ]EE[ group, or taking off their threat and allowing the group to keep working on it, or all of us fans stop buying and they die out forever known as the suckazz game corporation that had so many great ideas, but were too money hungry to allow artists to enjoy their work. We should do that. Start it up, and get syntax back. It’s not like it’s black mail, their isn’t a law against it. They can’t sue us for not buying their merchandise, and putting a condition on it. So let’s do it! Someone needs to start a website and get people to join in, so we can at least get nintendo to compromise something! and when you read this don’t think of me as some dumbazz kid 5 year old wanabe who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, just as an enthuist for the rights of people (specifically syntax error in this case), and game lovers (us).

  22. It wasn’t Nintendo, it was their host.

  23. very well put nero and i think thats a capital idea but who are you calling “thechninoligcly noobish” my computer was busted for 6 months so i stoped for a while 2 weeks later i go on it to fix it and bam i fix it in under an hour and i am starting a LESS underground texture hacking team with me my friend his brother and his brothers friend and if all goes according to plan we start tomarow we want nintendo to know what were doing and they can threaten us all they want if theres one thing nintendo should no by now… Its that money talks…And after we begin we will find a host who isnt a complete wuss about getting sued

  24. Syntax Error will come back, because eventually Nintendo will stop caring about Brawl like they do with everything else. ­čÖé

  25. @Nero
    You mean boycotting?
    It’s a good idea stop buying nintendo shit buy a 360 atleast microsoft cares about you ( but don’t stop wii hacking )

  26. Ninty never did nutin’ as bad as SEGA did *cough Sonic unleashed, Sonic ’06, Sonic R, AOSTH, Sonic underground, SATAM,Archis Sonic somics*cough
    Nintendo hasn’t done anything as bad as turning Mario into a werewolf (Heh heh that may actually be a good thing, I hate Mario, LUIGI FOREVER!!!!!11) but hey, they were just preventing piracy. Why do you think Sony loathes when people mod their PSP’s to play n64 games (Which I think is interesting, cuz You know I love the n64) or hoe people mod xboxes to play emulators?

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