Zora Armor

The texture of my newest gallery. I would like to share nintendobros

Now Link and Toon Link, are ready to fight with their new armor

Link apparently feels as fresh as a fish, lol.

That helmet would have been very good …

Toon Link could not be left behind. Also earned his armor.

I think if I was feeling very encerio fish lol …

DOWNLOADZora Armor Link DOWNLOADZora Armor ToonLink

6 responses to “Zora Armor”

  1. Wow awesome! but i think the blue is little to bright. Overall, nicely done!

  2. very cool! is that a Toon Ganon i spy..?

  3. where do you put the tgs file?

  4. smashmaniac2008 Avatar

    how do you use the csp?

  5. how is the blue too bright i think it looks sick like this

  6. Invalid T.T

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