New Theme Ok?

I’m relieving a bit of stress by changing the site’s scheme. Should I revert to the “before” theme? Or is this ok? I’m still working on a header, and although the tabs on the top are missing, I think it looks nice.

EDEITY: I think the overall look and feel is coming along nicely. I miss the tabs, but now the posts stand out more =)

16 responses to “New Theme Ok?”

  1. it will take some getting used to but all in all its nice

  2. Cool!I like it.

  3. Epic Smash, do you have a Youtube account? If so, I wish to talk to you privately. Its doesn’t have to be on Youtube, but anywhere else with PM is fine (KC:MM forums, etc).

  4. uh yeah sure u can m on yt pokemon1312 is my username

  5. pokemon13124 sorry bout that ^^’

  6. oooh, you’re that one guy with the cool PKMN trainer costume videos. Cool. I will send you a PM soon.

  7. hm… to be honest, i kinda miss the original NB :s

  8. wow Jose Galardo that pic on the top is the most epic pic ever maded

  9. Me likey Saki!

  10. A streak of coincedence, you’re the second Brawl Hacking site to change their theme today. EliteSmashHackers also has a new layout.

    Mehhh… I really liked the old one better. Too thin. The banner is great, though.

  11. I love it, the banner too good.

  12. seems a little bit scrunched up in the center but great!

  13. i’m sorry, but this design sucks

  14. Hey Jose, me and 2 friends made a group, and although were not that big we want be realized, so I was wondering if you would feature some of our textures on one of your youtube videos. We are here

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