brawl on… WINDOWS XP!?

-Post by: Master_Hax

yes you hear right, brawl on windows xp + Black And Red Ike

Black And Red Ike:

Windows XP:

8 responses to “brawl on… WINDOWS XP!?”

  1. You should make firefox, instead of windows xp.

  2. Sorry for the question, but how do I do to use this stage? I’m not accustomed to put custom stages in my Brawl, only hacked from the originals >_<

  3. the name is STGEDIT01, 02, or 03

  4. Master Hax!? You’re on Nintendo bors??? I didn’t know that. Glad you’re on here 😉

  5. Yeah, it might be a good idea to let people know whether its STGEDIT # 01, 02, or 03

  6. @ Jose Gallardo

    when you are ready to download the stage thedownload name is windows xp[STGEDIT_O.PAC]

  7. wait so how do you put custom stages into the custom part of ssbb map screen?

  8. 1) download the file
    2) rename the file to STGEDIT_O.PAC
    3) put the file in this folder:


    4) play game with the hack
    5) have fun

    NOTE: only the parts showed in the video have a texture

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