OMG! Thats incredible Phantom Wings

-Post by: Master Hax

Pantom Wings has released a new tool to organize the character selection!

This is the character selection i created

my character selection

If you think this has maded with photoshop or gimp, here is a small video

the only bug  that i know of the css organizer is that you cant use the csps

heres the original post with download

16 responses to “OMG! Thats incredible Phantom Wings”

  1. I’m assuming you can use the custom CPSs if you edit the CSS Pac file through Smashbox.

  2. @ Jose Gallardo

    yes but… i have to much csps and to move 1 per 1 csp is much waste the time

  3. Quick question. When you say the directory is menu 2, that’d be Private\Wii\App\RSBE\pf\menu2, right?

  4. Phantom Wings Is EPIC!!! XD
    @Jose Gallardo
    check your PMs on youtube.

  5. so would we ever be able to use CSP’s with this program?

  6. so this is never going to supports csps?

  7. The CSS I made (or at least tried to) looks almost EXACTLY like every other one I’ve seen. Weird, huh? It’s still buggy, though, since you can only select things at the top of the screen.

  8. @ Myrth
    yes thats the correct directory

    @ ThatsWarioSnake
    yes you can use csp but you need to move one per one with smash box

    @ ThatsWarioSnake
    you do the same question

  9. Sorry for the mishap but what do u mean 1 by 1?

  10. @ ThatsWarioSnake

    1 per 1 csp, you need to move the csps 1 per 1 from the common5.pac to sc_selcharacter.pac

  11. can someone explain to me why it crashes as soon as i select brawl? i made the menu2 folder and put the se_character.pac file in. yet it crashes how do you recompress the file?

  12. @Hikuson
    You have to open it in smash box and I believe you click save as and then name the file to sel_character.pac, and it should be a different size than it was. It should work now, thats the right directory youve got.

  13. is there a possibility for alphabetical?

  14. I’m a bit confused. I’ve made the CSS to my choosing, but as some people do, I don’t have the option to edit characters. Extracted to folder and all I see nothing that allows me to edit that function.

  15. where can i download this particular one u made?

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