the last version of element ike (for now)

this will be the last version of element ike for now i need to make more textures, im planing to do metal sonic moveset hack, here is element ike 5.0

Post By: Master Hax

Ike Electric Slash

Element Ike 5.0

Ike Electric Slash(only Effect)

5 responses to “the last version of element ike (for now)”

  1. were do i put this file

  2. it looks awesome
    almost nobody comments on this post i don’t get why
    by the way the stance of elemental ike reminds me of the stance of the mercenary’s of the fire emblem games on the GBA rlly cool i still need to test it though
    i have to say he looks way too overpowered in the vid

  3. If no one knows where to put this, just drop it in Ike’s Folder on your SD and name it “FitIke” and BAM…you got it. Will comment later to give thoughts on it.

  4. Super Saiyan Goben Avatar
    Super Saiyan Goben

    My wii doesnt let me copy ssbb save system so i cant drop it into ikes folder is there a way in game i can save it it write back fast please

  5. A good piece of writing Thunder Ztar! Keep up excellent work and routinely keep blogging with post just like it.

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