Metal Home-Run Bat

Its finally here… kinda.

Download will come soon. It will be as a PNG file(s), which will replace those within the common3.pac – More info (guide?) on this pronto.

About Jose Gallardo

Dragon Quest Fan. Love Blogging and modding video games. I find Psychology and the universe very interesting. I like books, games, and learning new languages. I dream to travel the world and possibly settle in Japan.

Posted on September 28, 2009, in hacking. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. smashmaniac2008

    MUST HAVE!!! but not as a PNG as a PAC.

  2. If I release it as PAC, it would require me to compose yet another common3.pac file. As a PNG, you can just replace the Bat file through Smashbox. Its much easier and gives the user freedom to change item textures whenever they want. I will release another smashball texture and will show people how to edit the items with Smashbox.

    i cant wait for this download.
    “awesome face”

  4. oh and i sent u my email address
    on youtube.

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