Neo Ganon – Final Smash

-Post by: Jose Gallardo

A color-coarse texture:

>>>Download from Megaupload<<<

I was going to post the [mario] strikers CSPs today (in this post), but after doing a couple more tests, Smashbox gave me some problems and the PAC file would freeze the CSS. Later I figured  out that I needed a different common5.pac file, that was not fresh, and BrawlScape does make things easier, but glitches every now and then. Oh well, here is something to look forward to on the [hopefully] next update:


If you want to get a head start, you can edit the above images to the proper format for use with Smashbox or BrawlScape to edit your CSPs.

5 responses to “Neo Ganon – Final Smash”

  1. Nice Ganon texture.Anyways thanks for trying with csp.

  2. jose gallardo the same happens to me when i create a csp for my black and red ike and put it on the common5.pac, frezees after a battle with it

  3. I was wondering if you can make this happen to marth. It looks so cool.

  4. How did you make that Ganon texture without making your Wii freeze when you get the Smash Ball? I tried to make a texture on it, but my game froze when Ganondorf broke the Smash Ball :s

  5. @alexjol

    Its kinda simple…

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