Random Lazer Strap Loader -I Promise it’s downloadable now.-

Impress your fwends!

I zipped it in a pretty obvious folder system, so no need for instructions. But if you need instructions still there’s some more info on the original strap loader listed below. and just to avoid confusion, this is the only strap loader I made thus far, I don’t want to steal credit from the original’s awesomeness

SD CARD:\Private\Wii\app\RSBE\pf\Menu\strap\StrapEn.Pac

4 responses to “Random Lazer Strap Loader -I Promise it’s downloadable now.-”

  1. Oh wow, you surprised me with this one. Nice.

  2. Where i con download it???

  3. its now down-loadable :3 go nutz

  4. Megaupload is unfortunately seized, so I had to re-upload this without accidentally losing it. Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?l64p4cz3epvxwx9

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