TEEN TITANS Rev 1.0 Now With Mirror

This is my first rev of my Teen Titans Pack, I say first rev cause it’s easy to see there no where near perfect and have a few flaws but I was so excited about how far I got I wanted to Release it. Easy Installation Just copy and paste and when prompt to overwrite hit “yes”.

List of Useful Knowledge:

  • Beast-Boy (human form)=Lucas
  • Beast-Boy (Gorilla form)=DK (duh.)
  • Robin=Ike
  • Star-Fire=Zelda
  • Cyborg=Samus
  • Raven=Peach
  • Teen Titans Theme=EB-New Pork City -Unf. Rvng/Smash…
  • Titans Tower=Stage Editor 0
  • Transforming characters contain there PAC files

I got the poll and will keep the results in mind :3

with out further a-do…



18 responses to “TEEN TITANS Rev 1.0 Now With Mirror”

  1. Haha, nice. Beast boy fits in pretty well. And before overwriting previous files, its best to make a back-up, just in case people have texture files that they do not wish to get rid of. Just saying. Will update the roster sometime tomorrow (today?)

    EDIT: The Titan tower looks accurate enough, that I didn’t know it was the custom stage builder thingy. I thought it was the actual tower from the show 😛

  2. Thanks alot, I made the first tower just messing around in the editor (un-skinned) and then it hit me.
    Titan Tower!

    Cyborg wont have too many updates probably just an eye correction/inverse.

    Robin and Raven mainly just need hip repair,

    and Im about to add a poll to this if possible, about on Rev 2 what should be under starfires skirt xD and I plan to clean up her noise (random particles) and beast boy just has a speck above his eye, he’s almost final, and dk’s tie probably make it black, or leave it white,

    other characters in mind: Red X, Robin Kung-fu suit, maybe that flame dude, and slade. but before implementing that I want to finalize what I have so far.

    oh and most of ravens attacks have been turned black so its like her powers, just a side note, the only powers I need to edit now is her smash, and when this projects 100% complete I want to implement sound on the final release.

    **2ND EDIT** I found it’s not yet possible to my knowledge to replace the sfx, hopefully I’m wrong.

  3. LOL at Cyborg Samus… AWESOME! XD

  4. Peach = Starfire
    Zelda = Raven

    sorry that’s just the way i feel. robin is decent fix his mask maybe. cyborg i’m not even gonna say and beast boy 10/10

  5. Thanks Val xD

    smash, first its just a start so understand that these aren’t final, I dont expect cyborg to ever be perfect, there aren’t many bald-ish characters with arm blasters if you haven’t noticed and samus is for the most part symmetrical so it can be a pain.

    This rev’s more for fun/gameplay, and Im also going to converse with other hero skinners to exchange knoledge.

    Imma busy bee @_@

  6. Just curious, why isn’t Raven Sheik?

  7. Teen Titans GO!!!

    This is awesome.

  8. @catgowoof: Iknorite xD

    -.-; stop asking why people.

  9. awesommmmmmme!

  10. All I have to say is AWESOME!!!! You did a nice job on them. Lucas as Beast Boy FTW!!!!

  11. I might be ready to do a new starfire, as you seen on seph the random things showing up turns out to be all jewels so when working with zelda keep in mind metal=deletable and jewels=find where it is and match the color, as well with being able to use brawlscapeI can see how its going (barely but makes it easier on me none the less)

  12. once I have mastered PSA expect a rev 2 of epic proportions

  13. the download site will not let me download
    could you send it to my email plz

  14. Please reupload a link. The current link is broken.

  15. the link doesnt work right

  16. @xioxio

    Click on the -mirror- link next to the Download button.

  17. anonymous..... Avatar

    These are cool…. I only see few things that should be fixed: Raven needs shorter hair, Beast boy should be textured on a taller character, Raven should have a*custom moveset & taunts*, Fix starfire’s and raven’s legs and then cyborg needs a one red eye…. then they will be perfect! 😀 oh and cool custom stage textures for titans tower!

  18. what character do u put this in 0.o

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