oh yes. Sephiroth.

I seen a random glitch on the forhead/face at random a part of the foreheads transparent not horrible bad but visible at certain zoom levels, oddly enough zoomed in doesnt show but zoom out does.

I already know theres going to be comments about the voice and boobs or moobs in this case and heres what I have to say:

Voice: That’s just bad japanese casting.

moobs/boobs: Three Words. HUGE PECTORAL MUSCLES

Back up any zelda files that you want to keep by default it will go over 00, along with effects and final moves.

11 responses to “Sephiroth”

  1. I haven’t followed Final Fantasy really well, so I don’t know who Sephiroth is (although I have heard of him). I will just imagine its some bad@ass hot chick 😛

  2. FF7 was my second favorite FF game… But Sephiroth is kinda overrated. Nice texture though. If only Zelda was a guy…

  3. LionelZeldaKnight Avatar

    what took so long! lol JK nice texture! so WHO’S NEXT?

  4. weird i haven’t played FF7 but that must be what sephiroth looks like when he get’s his gender changed.

  5. LOL… Weird, but cool!
    Make a Barret texture on DK! =D

  6. ;d I looked to see if the models has sexual organs and I havent found any in the game. so zelda could possible be a girly man..

  7. Cool but you should have done it on Marth, just painting hait acroos the cape.

    Bu well, man you should make Cloud from FF7.

  8. You… wow, one, Zelda’s toppless! lol iduntcar.
    Two, that was actually fitting. Nice job

  9. The Download Img is broken =)

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