Sora KH2

Sora From Kingdom Hearts 2, Inlcudes Final Smash doesnt make sense but its awesome, Keyblade spirit attacks, Blizzard Arrows,  Knights Sheild 😀

Next Rev:

Color swaps(diff forms), better damn halo blending, improved eye-lashes.

**note: if you have any important pit files I suggest you back it up this is a full 00/default replacement package**

12 responses to “Sora KH2”

  1. I knew it would happen soon.

  2. LionelZeldaKnight Avatar


  3. Someone did this before…IMO i like the older one.

  4. man make a version of sora in kingdom hearts 1
    plase 😉

  5. Sweetness. Awesome texture. So this only replaces 00? I would rather set it to the black Pit, you know…since its black.

  6. Lol, nevermind, had a slow moment.

  7. Best Pit texture EVER!

  8. @wolfgang:
    lol you can change the 00 I meant by default.

    @val: thanks 😀

    @Kef: Probably will

    @DMN: This is a first rev, and second wether or not they did it before, I wanted to do it. and mine comes with effects 😀

  9. Definitely one to keep in your Pit folder 🙂

  10. I second that if I do say so myself xD

  11. The effects are awesome

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