And you thought it would be another square character didn’t you =u=.

**Back up your Captain files**

7 responses to “Batman”

  1. Haha, great work. I like the smoothness in Batman-Falcon’s suit. And the Batmobile was a nice touch.

  2. Woaa!

  3. Man you should make Cloud from FF7.

    Because you have now:

    Robin with Batman
    Sephiroth with ????

    But make cloud as FF7.

  4. LionelZeldaKnight Avatar

    Nice dude 1 of the best 1’s yet! sooooooooo WHO’S NEXT???

  5. Woohoo, Batman and Robin are in brawl and ready to kick some bad guy butt.

  6. **robin is in the previous teen titan pack I may have to reupload**

    I was thinking about cloud but im hesitant because I’d have to use pit again, so im debating xD, I mean I guess I could but other then the hair they dont have much in common.

    and I’m working on a N64 classic that Microsoft killed 😦

  7. Yes I know who, thanks, I wont spoil 😉
    And Cloud can be done with Ike 😉
    Please make cloud also

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