Olympic Winter Games Mario (Olympic Mario for short)

Simple Texture, Simple Post.

I assume someone else made something similar but I wanted to make this with the Benefit of the Doubt and it looks way better in game I promise, I use a decrypt-er for my screens.



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Posted on October 20, 2009, in hacking. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. mario is going to get ready for the olympic games. can you make all the other characters in the game in their mario&sonic at the olympic winter games versions. hey can you make a psa on the winter games.

  2. winter games move set? >.>…sliding around like a jack a$$? doesn’t seem helpful xD;

  3. and actually I was thinking about doing that, well mainly peach

  4. nonono! NOT PEACH!!!!!

  5. O_o;…if you dont like it you wont have to dl but I think its coming out pretty impressive if I say so my self

  6. Well I said it’s a nice thing LinkofAuburn because i like peach better than daisy because when she smiles it’s creepy.

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