Olympic Winter Games Mario (Olympic Mario for short)

Simple Texture, Simple Post.

I assume someone else made something similar but I wanted to make this with the Benefit of the Doubt and it looks way better in game I promise, I use a decrypt-er for my screens.



8 responses to “Olympic Winter Games Mario (Olympic Mario for short)”

  1. mario is going to get ready for the olympic games. can you make all the other characters in the game in their mario&sonic at the olympic winter games versions. hey can you make a psa on the winter games.

  2. winter games move set? >.>…sliding around like a jack a$$? doesn’t seem helpful xD;

  3. and actually I was thinking about doing that, well mainly peach

  4. nonono! NOT PEACH!!!!!

  5. O_o;…if you dont like it you wont have to dl but I think its coming out pretty impressive if I say so my self

  6. Well I said it’s a nice thing LinkofAuburn because i like peach better than daisy because when she smiles it’s creepy.

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