Super Mario War Forwarder Channel

Here’s a neat little channel forwarder a came up with using a very useful tool provided by an online comrade. Actually, its a combination of 2+ applications, but made the job easier. I used a legal base WAD, so no Ninty code involved in this one. Its just one of the many other things I have been working on. Do you play Super Mario War Wii? Can you handle WADs effectively? If so, I recommend you download/Install this channel, an official Super Mario War forwarder from NintendoBros!

All forms of hacking involve some risk of accidental brick. Make sure you have some sort of Brick protection before installation. NintendoBros will not be held responsible for any accidents!

What exactly is a forwarder? Its basically a channel which when launched, leads to a specified boot.dol file in your SD card. In this case, the boot.dol of your smw-wii folder (the super mario war app folder). The channel itself does not contain any app, so launch will fail and reboot the system if the super mario war wii directory is not found on your SD card.

4 responses to “Super Mario War Forwarder Channel”

  1. That was awesome, oh yeah nice wii menu color.

  2. nice, makes me want to reinstall it xD

  3. Nice work bro!

  4. Wow, good job….
    How about a tutorial on how you did it?
    That way we can all make forwarder channels for our favorite apps…
    Good Work!

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