Wii Cursor for Websites

-Post by: LinkofAuburn

I made a custom cursor for my myspace theme and I figured I’d share this lil neat cursor I made from a screen shot:

its not animated but its ani filetype:


4 responses to “Wii Cursor for Websites”

  1. You can see a working example on my profile:

  2. Hey thats sweet (i made a wii pc before and i could have really used that

    My Desktop X theme beats WIIOS right to death in my not so humble opion its more realistic than wii os as well its the closest wii clone theme you could do and i had a cursor like that b4 (when i was deving it still) that would be the perfect candidate!

    My Wii OS DESKTOP X THEME (requires stardocks desktop x)

  3. nice, I was thinking if I should go even further with the myspace theme xD like add channels

  4. I checked your link bud thats awesome looking I wonder if jose can get that cusor to be default for nintendo bros thats neat how you set that all up looks really pro dude! hope to see sites make use of that awesome customization for sure!

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