Who You Goinna Call?

Already to rock in roll packed in a rar with folder layout all set!

includes music replacement for Luigi’s Mansion(main)

GhostBusters! Punk/Ska Cover Attaboy

9 responses to “Who You Goinna Call?”

  1. Wow that is sweet! just need the luigi (he is after all the real ghost hunter of the mario bros lol)

  2. Man you’re updating a lot man.Great work.

  3. Looks better than I thought it would =); can’t wait to try it out. Also, send me your Brawl FC on YT!

  4. I was thinking about making a luigi to go with it maybe more “the real ghostbusters” pallete, just so theres some contrast what made me want to do mario the most is because 1 There both major pop-culture icons so I thought it would be epic to merge them together so I’ll have that up some time soon.

    and I’ll get my friend codes, and then you can go ahead and just post them up on the about the team page under my banner if thats ok, seems a lil empty there so that should take up the remainder,
    but I want to note that I suck at brawl I love it but i suck at it xD
    But mario kart is a whole nother story, is there any possibilities for a mariokart File Replace Code?
    I doubt it though cause it doesnt load from the SD slot anyways Im on my wii atm so thats why I couldnt just look and post at the same time so I’ll be back with my FC’s

  5. FINALLY! 😀

  6. looks pretty cool nice job

  7. this place has just gotten wierd because of all the movie textures, like spiderman. -_-. I liked things the way they were going.

  8. they have notable game series also if your a retro gamer ;D so in a way, they are still game characters, and there’s always been movie textures
    **cough cough** and what do you mean weird? Wario

  9. SO EPIC!!!! Need a ghostbusters 3! Slimers good but that mario is where its at! =3

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