LinkofAuburn Originals: Fairy Pit HQ

My sisters birthday she gets that Tinkerbell movie and so I watch it with her, and notice something, the art is Faxing Amazing. so I atempt to make my own Fairy, and thus this was created I atempted to keep high quality so I hope you all enjoy it I love it its like a whole new pit almost, and anyone’s welcome to PSA it, I’d love to see what you guys do.

8 responses to “LinkofAuburn Originals: Fairy Pit HQ”

  1. LionelZeldaKnight Avatar

    now this is nice! pit is 1 of my mains imma use this more then my other textures lol

  2. Whoa, epic!

  3. Dang imageshack and their random server errors…

  4. That looks cool and mysteriously He looks like he got leaves for gear.

  5. really really sharp leafs he’ll leave you with some major paper cuts xD

  6. Does that include the wings too. hey you should make a psa of him dude.

  7. i stil dont know how to load theese on ssbb

  8. Super Saiyan Goben Avatar
    Super Saiyan Goben

    I need to know how to load these into my memory card like what file do i put it into

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