The Temple of Time V1.0

First and Foremost this would not be possible with out Jose’s Awesome Stage Hacks, Specifically Gallium Under. and I just want to note that this texture hack is only to be released here at Nintedo Bros,

Cause we’re epic.

I could not resist making this, it was far to epic of an idea to not do it.

I included:

-Code List (.txt) With The File Replacement and the Stage Replacement

-Temple of Time Rearranged BGM

Replaces Online Stage, and the code then swaps Rumble Falls With Online Stage.

All folders are already prepped so just copy and paste to the sd card. and of course construct a new gct if you dont already have the codes.

That one dude;


28 responses to “The Temple of Time V1.0”

  1. Oh my fapping god, this is awesome

  2. over time expect an even awesomer version to be released

  3. Wow, this looks awesome! XD

  4. I already got a stage for OnlineTraining,cant this go with anything else?

  5. this is awesome
    but sometimes the camera goes down to far
    is there anyway to fix this?

  6. Marvelous. I was, however, beat to the “first SSE re-textured” stage. Hint at Rayquaza…

  7. “I already got a stage for OnlineTraining,cant this go with anything else?”

    Same, I want this and tabuu destination. :/

  8. The reason why SSE stages are only swapped with the Online Training stage is due to compatibility. With other stages, swapping tends to freeze.

  9. ^o^; thanks and sorry, but in a way you did make part of this if that counts by making it possible to be an actual stage

  10. use Dantarions Alternate Stage Loader.
    you can load more than one pac for a stage either through button activators or making it randomly choose any pac

  11. =_O….why is your name….like that.

  12. Because that is my impostor πŸ˜›

  13. that’s like kinda creepy..

  14. Sorta like this?

  15. wow i absolutely love this. if only there were more options to replace stages with rather than just Online Training though, such as Mushroomy Kingdom, etc.

    Excellent job on this!

  16. ok i was able to test this one out a little bit today. this is a pretty good stage. i’m not sure if it was just something random or if it had anything to do with this stage or the replacement stage code, but the first attempt i made to load this stage made the music go weird (two songs playing at the same time). but it didnt happen again except for that one time.

    now about the stage itself. there was actually just one thing that bothered me a little bit, and that was the camera angle moving down whenever i stopped moving my character. other than that, this is a great stage.

  17. Why don’t anyone make it so it replaces a custom stage instead? πŸ˜€

  18. I love this stage.

  19. Darn didn’t change my picture, oh well.
    Can someone please direct me to the stage select screen code where it adds online training.

  20. it should come with this download. i just checked the folder, and it should be at the bottom of rsbe.txt

    but here it is:

    Stage Replacement Code
    C298D528 00000003
    2C060031 40820008
    38C00005 60000000
    90DD08C0 00000000
    C26DCEE0 00000003
    A37A0022 2C1B0008
    40820008 3B600037
    60000000 00000000

    this code is longer than the one I had before (not sure why though) but I replaced my old code with this one.

    this code replaces Rumble Falls with Online Training stage

  21. Tis true Fullllly epic!!! Nice work guys very slick looking πŸ˜€

  22. @FreezinBoi280
    Does that code work for PAL? πŸ˜€

  23. whie you donΒ΄t put the download links in mediafire

  24. I be thankfull if you do that

  25. so…wheres the download link….

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