-Jose’s Report-

This ain’t no update, just here to inform that I will be taking a break from Hacking for the Month of December. I may update once in a while with stuff I should have posted long ago. I will re-upload all my Item textures soon. Also, I noticed many people are now participating in the Brawl Hacking Scene, and that’s good. But…

Honestly, I don’t find Super Smash Brother’s Brawl that interesting anymore. Hacking Brawl, yes, I love hacking and re-texturing, which is why I still play the game. However, I don’t have much interest in creating animations and stuff; you know, the new Smashbox feature craze. Its not like I’m going to use[play] them anyway. And besides, there are many freelance Brawl hackers who will eventually create this stuff, so there will be plenty to go around without me having to spend time on it. I am more of a graphics person, so I will still make custom textures and whatnot, but don’t expect me to make any more re-programing stuff for SSBB. I’d much rather spend time on things like making custom Wii Channels/themes, level editing NSMBW, and making codes for newer games.

I am also open to freelance contributors. Note this is not an invite to join NB, just a chance for you creative hackers to share your work on NB for people to see.

Enjoy the new Banner!,

Jose Gallardo

7 responses to “-Jose’s Report-”

  1. Aw man I was hoping there would be more stuff from you.X_X

  2. Thats bad, i was planing to do some model hacking and item replace

  3. You can level edit NSMBW?

  4. I’m PAL so I couldn’t use some of your codes anyway 😦
    But your texture comes handy. Glad to hear you’re making more of em’. 😀 Also, when you level hack NSMB.Wii, could you make it for PAL too? 😀

  5. XD im with him! i cannot wait to do some reggie editing of NSMB and I cant see NSMB getting good QUALITY TEXTURES without you jose! your one of the reasons i didnt leave the scene all together your passionate about replay value it wont matter if your doing ssbb textures or your making themes and channels its all gr8 QUALITY contributions your a very organized and respectable developer bud and I for one support your contributions to the replay value of commercial titles as well as making freedoms within them using your occarina cheat developements…

    Thanks for your honesty jose and as always much love and respect bro!

  6. And Jose, I sent you a PM on YouTube. Do you mind reading it? *puppystare*

    I love you Jose.

    I just have one request…
    Could you make a texture pack? Preferably in a .zip file?

    I would dream of you every night if you do that.

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