BONE metaknight failure?

-Post by: William

Well, for me its a failure since it didnt really come out like expected ( “more realistic features” )
and the bones are to… white.. TO WHITE!! lol

but oh well..
most my friends like it.. allot… ._.

For those who want the FILEs, ill get them as soon as i get my PC fixed.. be patient please 🙂

thx for your time.

16 responses to “BONE metaknight failure?”

  1. Dry MetaKnight? 😀


  2. I suspect you don’t use bin2jpg or brawl snapshot decrypter. I recommend them. ^_^ Nice texture though.

  3. @ thegreenalloy

    lol i take a snapshot from the game with the capture card 😛

  4. I don’t think it’s a failure, I think it looks awsome!

  5. I like… Looks like tattoo patterns or magic symbols… =P

  6. Awesome!!!!!!!!1!!!Instant download.Wait no download?.Crud.”walks away”

  7. @wwwilliam0024
    Bin2Jpg is much faster boy. ^_^ Your pics is a little blurry. People see’s your texture better with high quality pics ya know. 🙂

  8. @thegreenalloy

    soo… with bin2jpg my pics come out with much more quality??

    cause yes ive also noticed a slight blur on my pics :s

  9. @Thegreenalloy

    ooh i see.. 😮

    im not even gonna ask about ganon xD

  10. Oh really? It’s a cool story. ^_^

  11. lol wtf SNOW!?!!


    its a Christmas miracle! lol

  12. @wwwilliam0024
    And \Pn/ did too. (Rip-offs…) XD

  13. hey william, fancy meeting u here lol. So this is where u ended up. I remember this texture. Its nice but its still a bit cluttered

  14. Whoa, it’s been a long time since NB updated. I guess Jose’s busy.

  15. More like Bone meta knight success!

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