My dear velvet blue princess

-Post By: William

Well, its not really nothing to show off, but I finally won the title of “BEST PEACH” in my country (dominican republic), after many tourneys its been decided 😀

fuck yeah..

so i want to start making textures for my dear peach.

this one was a co-op texture, let me explain… a friend of mine did the dress and i made every other detail remaining.

sorry for not giving out the files… i really suck at this :S

13 responses to “My dear velvet blue princess”

  1. You don’t need an account with Megaupload to upload and share files, but if you still have trouble with the process, let me know on Youtube. And I think everyone on NB is taking a winter break, including myself. I have to get off my lazy butt and upload something, seeming as I have some interesting Item textures ready.

  2. me no Jose, the lens of my wii is broke,but i have 3 textures ready, i could´t play metroid prime trilogy and i buy a new camera and a new tv,well, a camcorder, i will try to record my games like a capture card because i see many tutorials on youtube that shows how to record without a capture card

  3. Hey William I know you don’t know me, but I do have a mediafire account and a hotmail address: I can hold on to your textures for ya.

  4. Well seems like we got some problems :S

    Cant wait to see your items jose.

  5. Don’t worry Will you can trust me I also am a texture hacker you can check some of them out on my Youtube

  6. Now I’m tempted to Brawl you online. The texture looks good. A_A

  7. You can if you like alloy send me your FC to my youtube

  8. hehehe id be glad to kick your ass.. i mean… sorry

    Brawl you, but i just cant stand brawl lagging in
    wi-fi which is so annoying… >.<

    so maybe some oooooootheeer day..

  9. Zak, link me to your account.

    And WIlliam, the lag is terrible. =[ I’ve had quite a few… eh… “bad” moments because of it. >=[

  10. my Youtube name is DavidNunley

  11. i tried playing brawl wi-fi with a friend who lived a few kilometers away from me… and it lagged a whole fucking lot…

    just wtf… i hate brawl wi-fi

  12. I live in Pekin, IL and I can’t get on worth shit sorry for my potty mouth. 🙂

  13. nice texture i may use this next time i play

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