Merry Christmas!!! :D

…. And a happy new year!

-Post By: William

My dear Peach also wishes you a merry christmas! 😉

Y para todos los de la comunidad BRAWL k vean esto, tanbien les deseo una buena Navidad! 😉

6 responses to “Merry Christmas!!! :D”

  1. Awesome! The dress looks good!

  2. just woke up and to see this.. it tis awesome.

    (see i told u i would c it on christmas :P)

  3. huh that’s weird we both chose the same character and shortened the dress for Christmas it seems.

  4. but i did more than just shorten the dress.

    and i chose peach cause shes my character 😀

  5. indeed!! 😀

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