Beautiful Tingle

Includes My Very First Motion Pack Mod!


The optional Motion pack included in the rar will turn all of your “Snake”s In to Wonderful Dancers.

16 responses to “Beautiful Tingle”


    …I’m so going to piss off some friends with that XD

  2. xD It brings both joy and anger.

  3. I forgot 2 small details but they’ll be on a nother release when I decide to tweak it up a bit/get better at motions

  4. lol Tingle finally became a real man hehe nice texture!

  5. Blaze Foxx Mcloud Avatar
    Blaze Foxx Mcloud

    Tingleeee Tingloooo Tinglaaaaa!

    Downloading now!

  6. >_0′

  7. lol does he walk like peach? xD

  8. yep, and all idle stance’s are peaches taunt/dance

  9. Would you guys, please, change the download link? Stupid ShareBee, or whatever, demands that I do some sort of gay quiz before I get the option to download. Just MegaUpload, please!

    I wanna use this Snake. =[

  10. Oh wait, I see now. Fuckin ShareBee trolled me and I didn’t see the MegaUpload and stuff. Thanks!

  11. Just IM Me I’ll send it to you no waiting ;D


  12. Dammit, my second post didn’t show up.

    I said I found the MegaUpload though. So thanks very much. It’s an awesome Snake texture. ❤

  13. When voice sound effect hacks come out, this hack BETTER get Tingle’s voice!

    BTW, I love this! I’m making a custom CSS and CPS for him.

  14. looks nice,
    any chance to get a re-up?

  15. How do i do it??????????????????????????

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