Stage: Punchout Ring


I couldn’t get an actual screen-shot because for some reason or another the bg will zoom out when you pause but  I’ll try and get Screen-shots from someone. Overall.. its pretty epic, Wii Punch-out Theme included.

I also Packed the Codes I use with it its fairly basic File Replacement, Unrestricted Camera, and the Stage Replacement;

This version of the stage replacement will replace the DK Rumble Falls, with the included stage when you play multi-player mode and I forgot who made it so if you want the code’s to add on to your code list, then I’ll also add that later.

7 responses to “Stage: Punchout Ring”

  1. I tried this today; it is really cool. I really need to fix my other computer so I can start recording again. I won’t release my Smashies until I get my recording gear set up…

  2. oh what happened to it o.o?

  3. My [other] computer? Nothing really. I just needed to re-program it with Windows Vista and install all the necessary applications and drivers for recording, since its the only laptop I have that has a PCMCIA slot for my Cardbus TV Tuner. Its fixed now. I worked on it all day today, and I can finally get back to making videos, i think. I just need to go through a test run tomorrow [sunday].

  4. alright then, idk if its just me but when I go to the home site ( nothing shows up.

    *Edit* that was a one time error so nvm that.

  5. This is great! But I’d love to have the codes for it rather than the actual .gct. I’ll be patiently waiting for an update.

  6. the links are broken

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