Super Smash Bros. Shodown -Update-

1 Character available to Download!


This is a lil project I’m working on. I can use help but its not needed for the project to progress long story short if samurai shodown came to mind your on the right track. hence why there’s only one w in Shodown. So whenever I update It’ll pop up.

Currently In the Works:


Status: 1/36

as for stages and other goodies:

I’m running some experiments and concepts so hold tight :3

The Goodies:

Galford Suit Link: Download

7 responses to “Super Smash Bros. Shodown -Update-”

  1. are the moves different?? the texturesare very nice

  2. @linkofauburn

    can you put the mario brothers in next, both of them.

  3. Moves will be the same until someone wants to pitch in some PSA’s o3o

  4. if this project involves weapon PSA’s, I can apply Ideas for them.

  5. Well I meant someone who does psa’s really sorry about he confusion o.o;

  6. that’s ok Linkofauburn.

  7. just a note this projects overwhelming so I’ll update this every so often lol sorry peeps but if you want to submit something let me know.

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