Sneak Peek: Edgeworth’s Objection

Post By LinkofAuburn

About the Stage:

Just In time (well a lil early..) for the US Release of :

“Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth”

It even Includes The Objection Theme (2009 Edition)

How it was Made:

I actually combined the 2 methods of 2D Stages for this project I used both my old method in combination of the new method to create a bg effect that’s really standing out from the foreground.


I still need to figure out how to get rid of final destinations lil glow going on, and then raise the “stage position” a tad so the multiplayers (2-4) don’t load up inside the stage and fall, but after they fall they’ll be just fine but I just figured people wouldn’t like an unfair life loss and last I’d like to move the Pokemon Trainer either off screen or on his finger. so that’s where you guys come in.(comment where you think the Pokemon Trainer should go)

13 responses to “Sneak Peek: Edgeworth’s Objection”

  1. The Pokemon Trainer should go on his finger.

  2. You should have played with my Marth Edgeworth. 😛

  3. yu should make it where yu can walk on the “Objection” symbol. that would be awesome

  4. GOOD, i was thinking of do “Six The Hedgehog” is a friends´s fan character,but i dont have time to make it

  5. @Charles
    Unfortunately I cant see were the pokemon trainer goes so it would be an insane amount of trial and error, but if you or someone knows an easy way to go about it, or would like to contribute after this is released then our welcome to add to it.

    I was thinking about it but I didnt want to do it with out permission you know kinda a respect sorta thing.

    I was thinking on it but it’s rather high up. idk maybe before I decide its finished I’ll put a lil “fall through” floor up there and have 2 versions one with and one with out.

    if your talking about using my stage as a template, feel free to use it 😀 credit would be nice if you upload it publicly.

  6. @LinkofAuburn

    Is It ok with you If I ask you something through an email?

  7. @LinkofAuburn

    Ok, I sent It.

  8. This is a nice stage LinkofAuburn(even though I don’t like attorney games, no offense dude).

  9. @ LinkOfAuburn

    no, i was thinking of use kurobit´s hyrule temple as a template,but anyways this is a god stage, ill transfer it to 75m

  10. lol alright, and thanks darkred I apriciate the comment even though its not your cup of tea but I need to go to bed but Im not drink I didnt drunk anything xD

  11. I got confused when you said “its not your cup of tea” but I might know what you said. also I got confused when you said “but i’m not drink I didn’t drunk anything”.

  12. @LinkofAuburn

    I never got a response from you, Did you get my email?

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