Ninja Link (Sheik)

This uses a combination of different hacks and together they form Ninja Link *cough cough* I mean a mysterious ninja. By default it replaces normal sheik(00).

Side note: I have discovered a glitch with replaced models using the add bone feature this specific character can and will be fixed but for now

don’t throw model swaps.

8 responses to “Ninja Link (Sheik)”

  1. Sorry about the multipost I just thought this deserved it’s own post xD.

  2. i have a question before download, it wont freeze if i use zelda and try to go sheik?

  3. nope that’s why it took so long I know all about model swapping now so expect some awesome stuff to be released :3

  4. The screen/game messes up when you grab and throw the character 😦
    the character disappear as if the texture get slammed on the screen or something, most of the times you have to quit the game.
    is this the glitch you talked about? I had a Zelda texture but nothing glitchy happens when I transform.

  5. ok,*downloadinf*;

  6. yeah its a model swap, and I dont have a method of taking the bones off of the throw bone so I’m looking in to it.

  7. how this project going? I bet the guys from Das Donkey might help out, they do these kind of textures

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