Download the long forgotten textures…

For those who dont quite remember… here are the options you get to download:

Christmas Peach

Ride the Lighting Ness

Ezio Link

King Diamond

thats pretty much it…

can anyone tell me (I SUCK AT THIS) how do i make the post so that the images appear after you press “continue reading post” so that all these images dont occupy all this unnecessary space in the home page… 😦

its annoying… and it really takes up to much space… >.<

3 responses to “Download the long forgotten textures…”

  1. there is a button that says more, its a button that has a page cut

  2. wwwilliam0024 Avatar

    Thx!! 😀

    it was about time… :3

  3. you forgot to put the bone metaknight, anyway i have all my slots for metaknight with a texture

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