Some tiny announcements

Just a few things I wanted to say that I plan on doing in the very near future.

First off, I got a Twitter


So yeah, follow me on Twitter to get the latest HomebrewHelp and NintendoBros updates I’ll be doing, like new videos and new blogs. And to know when I have one of my cocaine binges. Columbian ftw.

Another thing, E3 is on it’s way, and I’m PUMPED. Now if only I could go. Damn shame. But, to make up for it, I’ll be having a ‘E3 WATCH’ here on NintendoBros, where, everyday at 8 P.M. (Pacific Time, since thats the time zone E3 is in, and where I live) I’ll be posting the latest on E3, new games, stuff like that, even a few non-nintendo things that I’ll be pumped for. Good thing it starts literally the day after my birthday, so I’ll be awake (haha, just kidding. Gotchya, didn’t I?)

It's like my Allah.
E3, June 15 – 17 Yawl.

Things at E3 I’m exited for:

  • Rumors of a new Legend of Zelda Game
  • Gears of War 3
  • Nintendo updates on the Wii
  • Nintendo Keynote
  • Microsoft Keynote
  • Other crap that I can’t think of right now.

You exited for anything specifically? Leave a comment and lemme know!

Also, since I was asked, I’ll also be doing another little deal called ‘DRAGON QUEST X; BOUT DAMN TIME’ (Name may be subject to change(Yes, I am in need of a title. Suggestions? Leave a comment.))

I’ll be following the progress of the latest Dragon Quest game, DragonQuest X, which has been announced for the Wii. Expect that to come within the next week. (Thank god for backup loaders, cause something tells me I’ll be playing the hell out of it.)

I’ve also been able to recently play DS games a bit more efficiently, so, if you guys want reviews from me, or my picks or something, lemme know. I wont be to often on that, cause I feel like I’d be bogging the site down with crap, so leave me game suggestions, your favorites, if you’d like to see my opinion on anything, stuff like that.

So, thats it for my modest update. Modestly thanking you for reading,

-Nodxalt fights for /insert your country here/, and hates /insert crap you hate here/, like /something specific you hate here/

3 responses to “Some tiny announcements”

  1. I wanna see Zelda and Pikmin at E³, as well as the 3DS.

    I’m working on my own NSMB:Wii levels, and when I finish, I’ll release it to the public.

    It’s called Raging Super Mario Bros. Wii

    I plan on changing many textures, but I’m focusing on levels right now. So far I just finished World 1, so that’s in its Beta form at the moment.

  2. TheRandomGuy Avatar

    i see nobody gives a shit about metroid V-V.
    (just wanna tell I SURE DO)

    and masterlinkx does it include some classic lvl remakes of previous mario games?

  3. I’m not sure yet, this game is suppose to be hard “Raging” Super Mario Bros.

    I could make some classic levels for areas of a level, but it’d need to be hard, and I’m not sure any classic levels could meet that requirement if I were to make it exactly the same as the classic level.

    And I love Metroid, but I don’t think a new Metroid game will be shown at E³, and I am sad that Metroid: Other M got delayed =[

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