“It’s been a long time” (Cooking Mama Brawl)

“I shouldn’t have left you, Without a dope hack to play through.”

**Fix 5/1/2010** Surface Issues Fixed.

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15 responses to ““It’s been a long time” (Cooking Mama Brawl)”

  1. Masterhand243 Avatar

    Judging from the pictures I can honestly say this by far THE BEST, most detailed professional CS for brawl.

  2. @Masterhand: Thanks 😀

    I probably should mention; yes it does have floors on the sides, but I also made the sink an area where you can fall/die/ledge grab.

  3. This looks SWEET! Does it work in PAL?

  4. I don’t see why it shouldn’t ;D

  5. I love this stage so much. It’s so unique. So “Crisp”. So Amazing. I wish you guys would make more Brawl hacks, because this is great.

  6. *bites apple*

    *shows to LinkofAuburn*

    “Yup, apple crisp.” 🙂

  7. Well, since this is like the newest texture hack so far on here, Im going to say this here, so everyone will LOOK AT IT.

    Thanks to you, Nintendo Bros.,
    Thanks you much.
    You are the peeps I got the SD File Patcher from, the ppl I got the help for texture-pasting for, the sound-changing, ETC.!

    Without your help, I could never have been so awesomely great at hacking! In fact, Wii has been only the second console Ive hacked, and Ive only hacked Brawl on it!

    Oh, and great texture hack by the way.

  8. Srry for the dbl-post, but I figgered I should say this before I go back to my search,

    Y’all peoples who got your hacking smarts from here like I did should give a shout-out to the members here, because they need the boost! Everyones leaving Brawl, and that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN UNTIL THE NEXT SMB COMES OUT (which it undoubtably will)! So DO it NOW or I will KILL all OF you AND send YOU under THE ground!!!! If you know what I mean.

  9. Srry for tpl-post,
    But I couldnt resist saying this.


  10. if so then her head must be her only fat gland xD

  11. I like your style. roflcopter.

  12. Hey, Jose – care to throw your Brawl creations into BrawlVault? That’s where every other team is putting them.

  13. Can somebody upload it on a website that doesn’t require surveys (such as Mediafire or Megaupload)?

  14. Hold on just a bit more peeps! I will soon get an ISP again. I want and will update the NSMBWii Hacks page with them downloads.


    Thanks, but I’d much rather keep my work on my Blog. Its an Ego thing 😉 – But glad to hear its such a success!

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