Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and Super Satisfying Sammiches.

Every Japanese gamer in a 30 foot distance just jizzed himself.

Okay, the ‘Super Satisfying Sammiches’ was my own creation, but I think the title called for more ‘S’s. Anywho, now that gaming magazines ares starting to release some information on the two latest Dragon Quest games that are headed to the Wii and DS, it’s time that the people were able to get their hands on some information. And now that I’ve been seeing several magazines that I subscribe to start to crap themselves about this new DS installment of the series, I suppose I should get the right to whine about it too.


So, this game has been very popular in the Japanese gaming scene, dominating rpg’s there for the longest time. The last game that was released was also the first to be localized to America from what I hear, that was a very smart choice. The game grew immensely popular, and gained it’s own little ‘cult following’, if you will (Refer to banner of NintendoBros for proof). And it seems the creater of the series, Yuji Horii, listened to the American feedback, and implimented some ideas that he was eager to try in the DS game.

Impressively enough, the first thing shoved in our faces is the local wireless connection. Four players can play together, and from what all the people are bragging about, it’s supposed to be far better then most games with wireless connection. I won’t lie, the only game I’ve really played online with my DS was Phantom Hourglass, and there wasn’t much to do on that. But with Dragon Quest IX: Summer Squares are Sickly, you are supposedly given the free roam of the world, anyone can go anywhere. You are not limited to the same screen, you can go anywhere. And if, god forbid, you start getting your ass WHIPPED, a friend *cough* HOST *cough* can ship your butt to him, and save you.

But the big game is supposed to be in single player, as every turn-based RPG is. Chose your looks, chose your teamates, choose your class, choose your weapons, choose what enemies heads go well with the carpets and clash with the drapes, that whole deal. But, supposedly, NO RANDOM ENCOUNTERS. WHAT TREACHARY ARE THIS. Otherwise, the game looks very in-depth, and it keeps that trademark ‘ITS NOT CHIBI SO STOP CALLING IT THAT’ (Quote from Horii… paraphrased, maybe.) look that the series has flagged around since it’s early days. But supposedly Japan loves that look, because Nintendo released it along with the new Red DSi, and that boosted sales… wait for it… 152 GODDAMN PERCENT. Smart Nintendo.

Dragon Quest IX: Superman and the Silly String has been getting some mixed reviews apperently. Fans of the game initially gave it a bad rating, but with some time, they began to warm up to it. The game is supposed to be the hardest in the series, and fans didn’t warm up to that too well. But, lo and behold, Famitsu gave the game a perfect score, and that’s like finding gold in your feces. It rarely happens, and when it does, it’s probobly because there was a drunken moron that had something to do with it. But, keep your fingers crossed that this game lives up to its reputation. Us good ‘ol U.S. citezens can expect it July 11th, while the U.K. gets it the 23rd. Take that PAL.

When the game releases, I’ll try it out, tell you guys how I feel about it as a first time player of the series. (Given that Jose doesn’t strangle me to death if I don’t like it.)

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-Nodxalt the Sentinel of the Sleepy Soil.

One response to “Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and Super Satisfying Sammiches.”

  1. Harder than Dragon Warrior 2 (Dragon Quest 2)? Honestly, I never played DQ2 and probably never will unless there is a remake, but according to old-school fans, DQ2 is the hardest in the series. DQIX sure sounds interesting. Will be getting it for sure.

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