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i have been gone for a good while, so i had to do something, so i  converted most of the Megaman zero 3 OST, they are all in brstm format and ready to play, let me know if there are any issues with the songs.

on a side note if anyone knows how to convert the songs from brstm to mp3 please let me know would be greatly appreciated ^.^

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i like many things if u want to know them ask Hi my name is tin but you can call me Sn for short. you probably wont believe me but my atomic mass is 50 pretty high huh my mass number is even higher though it’s 119 if your curious. Sometimes I get a little crazy around others. But enough about me for now I am from the carbon family Search carbon family for similarities

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  1. I do. U need to open the brstm in brawlbox and save as mp3

  2. great thx for your help

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