Square-Enix to Announce New Dragon Quest Tonight Via Livestream

Tonight, Square-Enix will announce a new Dragon Quest game on or around 9pm (PST) via Livestream on Ustream.tv. It might possibly be the unveiling of Dragon Quest X, but why would it if the trailer will soon come out in about two weeks or so, with the release of the Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Collection compilation. If you are as hyped as I am and are interested to find out more, check out their Ustream channel HERE. I’ll be logged in as NintendoBros. See you there!

One response to “Square-Enix to Announce New Dragon Quest Tonight Via Livestream”

  1. I was able to record some chunks of the livestream. My intention was to record the whole event, but my connection dropped a few times during the stream. As soon as my internet is fully up and running again (late payment from my sis), I’m going to upload the event compilation that I ripped myself in high quality, trailer included. As far as I know, I have the highest quality rip of the event. Too bad I couldn’t record the whole thing.

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