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Dragon Quest X Trailer and Demo Gameplay Footage

As promised, here is some footage [trailer included] of the live event that happened in Japan on September 5, 2011 9pmPST. I ripped most of the event myself, with the exception of the trailer, which I missed due to internet connection drop. I made sure to make this compilation as High quality as possible, probably the best res out there so far. Since I cannot upload the video to Youtube due to copyright claims (people have uploaded the trailer and it gets removed), I uploaded to Dailymotion. If you don’t have a Dailymotion account to comment on the video, place your thoughts here instead, and like the post while you are at it, if you like it. Enjoy!

Mario Super Sluggers – Now Available

Believe it or not, some retailers have the much anticipated title, Mario Super Sluggers, on their shelves. The official release date for this game is August 25, 2008. Its not surprising that some stores are handing a few copies here and there before the actual launch date. If you see a friend with his own copy of Sluggers, you will most likely ask where he got it from. Sooner or later (and I presume sooner), you will go to that same retailer and get your hands on that particular game. Pretty spiffy promotion, don’t you think?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got some investigating to do at my nearest Gamestop…

Classic Super Mario Bros Movie

Taking a long walk through memory lane, I finally saw the Super Mario Bros movie (again) after what seemed decades. This movie inspired by the mushroom kingdom was created in 1993, meaning the special effects and stunts are not something to look forward to. The whole concept of a “Mushroom Kingdom” was taken a little too seriously, in this case. I mean, a city covered in a Mushroom blanket? Humanoid Goombas? What’s next, a human Bowser? Oh wait, the King of Koopas is already as human as can be in this movie (no turtle enemies in this film). Although the whole “Mario” concept was taken to freakishly tragic proportions, the misconception and highly unorthodox universe of the plumbers is quite entertaining. You will have more fun trying to figure out what relates to the Mushroom Kingdom than from watching the movie itself. Nevertheless, its an unfortunate classic that Mario Bros fans have to see it to believe it.