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DQMBV Intro Videos

I ripped the opening videos of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road: Victory. I will try and make the rest of the media, like the finishers and SP attacks. Enjoy.

~ Jose Gallardo ~

[Brawl Hacks] Crazy Falcon & Co.

Well, I don’t usually post stuff on weekends, but it has been a very exciting one. Its a mystery how I am writing this and not dancing to Samba de Amigo’s™ crazy track roster (more on this coming soon). Expect that Nintendo Power coverage tomorrow!

Has Brawl Been Hacked On Wi-fi?

This video may show just how bad things may end up for fans of Brawl’s wi-fi connection. If hacking starts to spread, the lag already present through wi-fi will be nothing compared to what hackers can do. Obviously, messing around with a video game’s structure and altering its encryption can ruin the fun for many, especially if it is used during online gameplay. Let us hope Nintendo is prepared for this…

Mario Pown Remix

This video is one of the many awesome game synchronizations people have posted on Youtube. I came across this one when searching for miscellaneous Brawl Videos. The song is Super catchy, and it features the Classic video game of Super Mario Bros, plus other minor effect transitions that make this video truly awesome. Ya-hoo!

Animal Crossing… for N64?

With the announcement of Animal Crossing: City Folk as a future Wii title for this year, let us look at the past an see the game that started it all. Of course, many of you might say the Gamecube version was the first AC game that introduced talking animal neighbors. This is in fact only “partly” true. While North America did see Animal Crossing for the first time on the GCN console, there was actually a N64 version before that, and was only released in Japan. Take a look at a bit of gameplay of Dobutsu no Mori Animal Forest.