Watch DVDs On Your Wii

You can’t really play a DVD on your Wii straight out of the box, but that doesn’t limit your Wii’s capabilities. The Wii has an optical drive that equals (or bests) that of a DVD player. In order to teach your Wii to read DVDs, you will need to hack it, however, but it doesn’t require any expensive peripherals. Of course, it is easier said than done, but if you are a computer whiz, than it shouldn’t be a problem. It all comes down to the infamous Homebrew Channel, so if you are interested and haven’t yet heard of this unique method of updating/hacking your Wii, then click here to visit the semi-easy tutorial on how to make your Wii learn to read DVDs. Personally, I ran into a few problems because some updates have been made to files/downloads/etc and are not discussed in the tutorial, but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out if your into the high-technical stuff. My Wii now plays DVDs, so that means I can get rid of my PS2 once and for all.

*It is not recommended to you hack your Wii in any way, as failure to follow exact procedures may result in permanent damage. The Homebrew hacks have not been known to cause problems to the Nintendo Wii, but keep in mind that the DVD/Twilight Hack is still “experimental”. Nintendobros does not assume responsibility for damage caused to your Wii due to hacking and related issues.

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