[Brawl Hacks] Controlling Master Hand

Test Run of Boss Controlling Codes, with Master Hand. Credit goes to “Y.S.” for creating the codes, and “Phantom Wings” for porting them to NTSC-US.

Jose: Master Hand          Juan: Captain Falcon

If you thought controlling Bosses was impossible, think again. Although you can’t really BE the boss outside Boss Battles, you can actually issue commands, instead of the CPU always telling them what to do. Pressing the start button for any boss will automatically result in a self-destruct. More Boss Control coming soon!

3 responses to “[Brawl Hacks] Controlling Master Hand”

  1. Please forgive me for sounding dumb. Hacking is not my forte, so please cut me some slack.

    I am an avid Master Hand fan, and I was seeing hacks and mods that allowed you to swap out certain stage codes so that you could play on SSE stages like on Tabuu’s Destination. So my question is this: Would it be possible to do the same for characters? As in, would it be possible to swap out the code for one character in place of another that someone would most likely never use?

  2. As an example, maybe swap out a normal character code for a Boss code like Master Hand?

  3. @Anon1
    It has been done many, MANY times before.
    Ridley and Master Hand are as far as I know, but Galleom and such could be available too.

    @Anon2/maybe still Anon1
    Yes, but this thing right here is for controlling Master Hand in SSE or Boss Battles.

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