Nintendo Bros Lives!

So, many of you may be left wondering, “What the heck happened to Nintendo Bros?”.

Bros CutYeah, I truly apologize for the long leave. So much stuff has held me back from getting on my computer, thus leaving out plenty of stuff, like Nintendo Power Coverage, VC, Virtual console¬† updates, etc. In fact, I won’t be able to update as much anymore. That doesn’t mean NB is dead! I will begin updating once more, at the very least twice a week, mostly Mondays and Saturdays. Help is truly needed, so if you already have knowledge using WordPress (having an account is a plus), let me know and I’ll try to get you on the NB team if you meet certain requirements. Just send an inquire to my e-mail address at¬† Optionally, you can drop me a message in my Youtube account at
I’ll begin posting Miscellaneous Nintendo Content as usual. If you have any auggestions for future NB articles, let us know through Comments!

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