Mushroomy Kingdom just got a bit greener! Welcome to Grass Land, World 1 of SMB3

My inspiration for this stage came to me while watching Super Mario Bros. 3 Corruption vids on youtube! It’s true! Inspiration comes in mysterious forms i guess… lol

For those who liked Jose Gallardo’s “Zunny” Angry Sun Smash Ball, then you’ll like this too, seeing both are from the same game!

Welcome to World 1: Grass Land!

Yay! A free Mushroom!

Time to go to the secret Coin Underground cave!

Fire Power!!!

I made it to Boom-Boom’s Fortress… Finally!

and here’s the Download Link to this amazing Stage!


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  1. whoo hoo! smb3 ftw!!!!!

  2. Pretty nice!

    We have a Super Mario Bros. 1-1
    a Super Mario Bros. 3 1-1
    a Super Mario World 1-1
    a New Super Mario Bros. 1-1
    a Super Mario Galaxy 1-1

    Now we need Super Mario Bros. 2 and Paper Mario! (NO ONE DARES TO DO THE PAPER MARIO ONE, KAY? I’ll make it :P)

  3. Haha, I made a paper Mario Stage when the very first Mushroomy Kingdom Stage texture was made. Never finished, but I have the background + floor done.

  4. How do you add this modded stage to the game? what are the directories?? pf then what?

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