Galactic Grunt Mario joins the Brawl!

It’s true! Mario has given up his adventures to join Team Galactic!

Now with his awesome skills, will Team Galactic finally create

their “new world” as they had promised?


Galactic Grunt Mario would like to Battle!


Pleased to meet you!


So this is what we are after…



You will help us make our new world…

and theres nothing you can do about it, Dialga!

Here’s the download link to your very own Galactic Grunt Mario!

In case that doesnt work, try this one

Help Team Galactic create their new world… or be destroyed!

6 responses to “Galactic Grunt Mario joins the Brawl!”

  1. Wow, pretty cool. Nice Job on it.

    *Added to the Roster.

  2. I like it and gave the MU link to them after the MF one not working for me than it getting e-mailed to me 🙂

  3. wwwilliam0024 Avatar

    oh BLASTED….. i finally have made many of my own textures… but i cant publish them… ive been trying to join this website but theres no response from the administrator..


    i guess youtube is all i have left..

  4. William, I’m sorry I can’t respond to many of the PMs I get, but this is the best place to talk about joining. Send me links to images to my Youtube Account directly (channel is best). I hardly check my E-mail lately.

  5. Team Rocket was only a mafia…Team Magma and Aqua would only end up destroying the world…Team Snagem and Cypher had very small goals…and so Mario decides to join the best team, the one who had the greatest plans, to remake the universe itself!

    Sad his brother Luigi disagrees.

  6. gay as shit

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